What we do

Let’s split this in two parts:
What we want to achieve -
What our approach is to achieve it -

What we want to achieve can be summarised into “fluffy” phrases around Vision, Mission, Mission Statement, Strategy. As consultants we are good in using these phrases, but they often don’t resonate. So in an attempt to make it resonate –  We strongly believe we do help you to build a new and strong reality through your people.

We support you to create an understanding of the mid and long term future of your market/industry/environment. We assist you to have your co-workers “on board” with the right mindset, skillset and behaviour. Building your companies/organisations position in the future, in this new reality.

  • Our approach is very practical!
  • The key point is the absolute precondition that we will build the approach together with you.
  • Management and Staff have to own a program and the approach.
  • In delivering quality we do of course use well developed instruments and training/workshop approaches.
  • We can use psychometric instruments like Insights, MBTI, Empreïnte for which our consultants are accredited.
  • Furthermore we are experienced in the use of development centres in order to create a good understanding of specific (individual) areas of support.

But most important … we master the necessary facilitation processes and are truly experienced in developing the high quality training and coaching programs.

The Hourglass Approach.

When we meet you we will use the “hourglass approach”. The hourglass approach is a consultative approach that forms the basis for our international account management programs. As “your account manager” we will use this approach when meeting you.

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