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Looking at definitions of Leadership you will find a large variety. There’s probably a lot of truth in most of them.
When we work on Leadership, our focus is on one word. That key word is “conscious” – be conscious & act conscious.
  • What can I do as a leader to create the change, attack that issue, paint the future, motivate that person? 
Leadership is a well thought out conscious process and a well-balanced approach in order to be successful with leadership action.

Proper Leadership finds its fundament in the use of the right Management behaviour, approaches and tools. They form the basis of Leadership for your organisation.

With a focus on conscious behaviour, we assist organisations through programs on:


  • – Leading Change
  • – Situational Leadership
  • – Personal Leadership
  • – Innovation & Creativity
  • – Conflict Resolution
  • – Leading teams


  • – Performance Management
  • – People Management Skills
  • – Priority Setting & Delegation
  • – Presentation and Facilitation
  • – Communication Skills
  • – Coaching & Mentoring
  • (and many more)

Conscious Leadership is needed today.

Look at your role in the Net Zero challenge for your organisation.​

We work with a team of very experienced leadership consultants and facilitators. Our approach is very practical, exchanging with others around the table. Learning through practice. In delivering quality we do of course use multiple instruments and training/workshop approaches.

How our clients react:

I was trained by Willem when joining the management ranks back in 1998. 
Luckily, I have had the ability and pleasure to provide my management team with the same positive experience since then. 
Willem is great in making people feel at ease in a training, to quickly adapt to circumstances or changing situations while sticking to the learning goals. 
The right balance of theory and relevant case studies/exercises make this a great and fun experience. 
Everybody, with no exception, comes back energized (and wants more).
Software Development Organisation
I had the chance and privilege to get to know Willem as he facilitated a course on leadership for our senior management group. His personality, experience and charisma stand out rapidly as he was able to coach and makes our senior group seamlessly and naturally reflect on key areas for improvement of their management style. I sincerely strongly recommend Willem's interaction and energy if you need a professional & proficient consultant to intervene on Leadership / Management / Sales Performance matters.
Global Sales Director
Hardware & Software Partner for Fashion, Automotive and Furniture Industry

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