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With over 25 years experience as a people development specialist Jonathan has helped numerous companies achieve their goals. He has worked at Board level, challenging & supporting Directors and senior executives, next assisting these companies to achieve their objectives through the development of their staff. Jonathan is an excellent communicator and uses his strong presentation, motivation and facilitation skills to bring value and tangible results to our clients. Jonathan likes to tailor the intervention (training, facilitation, coaching) to enable individuals and teams to reach their full potential.  Implementing and seeing real change in people is the best reward we can have.          He believes that great leaders must inspire and develop the enthusiasm of their team members, remembering the motivation they had on day one. He likes to quote Richard Branson, who sums this up concisely – ‘A business has to be involving, it has to be fun and exercise your creative instincts’ 

Jonathan enjoys walking and jogging.  Golf is his next passion and after an enjoyable afternoon on the course, you will find him looking forward to a hearty meal and a glass of red wine, with friends and family.


With more than 25 years of involvement in people development, my main drive is to make a real difference by inspiring people and teams to reach their goals and to maximize their full personal potential. The role I enjoy most is to make people reflect on how they can live better, perform better and enjoy doing what they are good at and inspire them to choose and to act. 

To create awareness that leads to initiative, productive action and real change. To create positive energy and results that will affect the individual and his/her environment, the teams they work with and the company they work for. And ultimately, being able to contribute to a happier and productive workplace.

The main themes that make up my being and way of working are respect for life, diversity, ethics, ownership for ones owns (life) choices, positive thinking, solution focused, openness to learning and performance driven.

I’m very grateful to all of my clients and the people that I have worked with. It’s been a great journey so far. They have taken me all over the world, which means I have a gained a wide-ranging international consulting and training expertise, both in the public and private sector. I have worked with different nationalities and designed and delivered many tailored training and development programs, particularly in leadership, management and personal development. 

Other passions in life: Photography is another way of relating and connecting to people and helps me to see people in a different light. Photography gives me the freedom to speak without words. It is what I enjoy as well as my family and friends, travelling, enjoying art, music, theatre, good food and wine and above of all, my partner.

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