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If you would ask someone what a sales role is all about, you’ll probably hear something like: understanding customer needs, building rapport, conveying value, closing deals, fostering relationships. And of course that’s all true. Still nowadays we believe sales is so much more. Sales has evolved from transactional, to service oriented, to nowadays, value selling.

At these three levels of selling, we interact with our customers:

1. Traditional transactional selling

2. Service oriented selling

3. Selling business value

Salespeople receive the most training of any profession and for a reason. The sales role is one of the most demanding jobs available, often underestimated. It’s crucial to stay up to date and challenge capabilities and mindset.

The document “The Hourglass Approach” gives you a deeper understanding of our picture of an effective sales role in today’s market. Sales is so much more than understanding the needs of the customer.

Our programs are around:

  • – Basic Sales Skills
  • – Leadership during Sales
  • – Consultative Selling / Value Selling
  • – Negotiation
  • – Presentation and Facilitation
  • – Pitching
  • – Effective Communication


We build tailormade approaches and have facilitated sales programs in a huge variety of markets around the world. 


  • Fashion to IT
  • Engineering to Pharma, from FMCG to Finance
  • Consultancy to the Chemical Industry
  • and so much more.

A recent client states:

Willem and I have built up the "Sales Academy" in collaboration with a growth towards "Value Based Selling - supporting customers in growth of their business potential". Creating the fundament towards where we are now, Willem has been involved and has made suggestions, coached, and gave (un)requested advice. Willem is a professional, loyal, and flexible partner, I truly recommend.
Manager of Sales
Leading European supplier in retail, food industry and food service

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